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Back in the Stacks: 1992

Since it feels like summer was decades ago, we took a look at summer decades ago; a sampling of our periodicals. It was hot. Once upon a time.


Open the The New Yorker, what’s the first thing you see? The New Yorker, June 1992.


Rappers in recovery. Alan Light, “L.A. Rappers Speak Out.” Rolling Stone, June 25, 1992.


Still maybe an issue. Mad, June 1992.


Walter De Maria and El Greco in Stockholm’s Moderna Museet, from “All Fives, Sevens, and Nines,” by Lars Nittve. Artforum, Summer 1992.


Mad, June 1992.


Danny Tisdale, Lynching 1930. From “Engendered Species,” by Kobena Mercer. Artforum, Summer 1992


“On the Road to Kassel,” Artforum, Summer 1992.


The hits. Rolling Stone, June 25, 1992.


Novum, June 1992.


More car ads featuring cops. Vanity Fair, June 1992.


Before mixology. Rolling Stone, June 25, 1992.


From an interview with George Condo, by Anney Bonney. Bomb, Summer 1992.


Vogue, June 1992.


Be thankful for lasers. Vogue, June 1992.


Checking up on the crooks. Annie Leibovitz, “Watergate.” Vanity Fair, June 1992.


Before Bill did it. Julia Reed, “Clinton on the Brink.” Vogue, June 1992.


“Documenting Documenta.” Interview, June 1992.


Fashion fish. Vogue, June 1992.


It doesn’t stop. Interview, June 1992.


And no one is pretending. Interview, June 1992.


Religion. Vanity Fair, June 1992.


From John Ashbery’s “Baked Alaska.” The New Yorker, June 29, 1992.

Magazine Covers – 1970-1979 (Part 3 – Art) +++

+++ See Pictures +++

Please enjoy this sopping sampling of sweet and sour color from 1970’s art magazines.

Art News was founded in 1902 and is the most widely circulated art magazine in the world.

ArtNews. April 1972.

ArtNews. April 1972.
“Sweet and Sour” by Ed Ruscha.
(Strawberries, peppers, olives, peaches, anchovies, pickles, washes of jam juice.)

Art International was based in Switzerland and ran from 1956-1984.

Art International, Volume XXI. March 1978.

Art International, Volume XXI. March 1978.
Art by Pierre Alechinsky.

Novum Gebrauchsgraphik, now called Novum, is an international graphic design magazine based in Germany.

Novum Gebrauchs Graphic. February 1977.

Novum Gebrauchs Graphic. February 1977.
African Hairdresser’s Sign (Unknown Artist).

Art International, Volum XXII. February 1978.

Art International, Volume XXII. February 1978.
Art by Richard P. Lohse.

Art International, Volume XX/3-4. March/April 1976.

Art International, Volume XX/3-4. March/April 1976.
Art by Alun Leach-Jones.

Avante Garde had a short run of only 14 issues between 1968 to 1971.

Avante Garde. January 1970.

Avante Garde. January 1970.
Art by Thomas Weiil

Connoisseur is a publication of self-proclaimed high-brow culture and art:

Connoisseur. April 1976.

Connoisseur. April 1976.

ArtForum is a contemporary art magazine.

ArtForum. 1971.

ArtForum. 1971.
Still from “Tom, Tom, the Piper’s Son” (1969).

Magazine Covers – 1970-1979

This post continues to look at Magazine Covers throughout the decades. 1970-1979 contains hundreds of items and as usual it was difficult choosing these few to feature.

I begin with this gem from 1970, the beautifully produced, polite propaganda, Soviet Life. We have a number of full issues in our periodical collection from the late 60’s, early 70’s, and early 80’s.

Portrait of Lenin, a woodcut done in 1968 by Andrei Goncharov

And from the idealism of Lenin we move onto the eroticism of Lennon in Avant Garde magazine which is also available in our periodicals no.1(1968:Jan.)-no.14(1971:summer).

This cover features the Lithograph "Lotus" by John Lennon

Cover by Jean-Pierre Fouchet

The Expulsion of Adam and Eve from Paradise, by Giovanni di Paolo (1402 or 1403 - about 1482), Italian (Siena). Tempera on wood, 17 3/4 x 20 1/2 inches. Photograph: Malcolm Varon. From the Robert Lehman collection.

Richard Serra "Base Plate Hexagram, Right Angles Inverted, Webster Ave. & 183rd Street, Bronx."

From the table of contents: "Cover: The snapshots on the cover were taken by the Editor at Borobudur and Prambhanan in Central Java and on the island of Bali. They depict the original setting of the Indonesian art works recently shown at the Asia House Gallery in New York."

From the table of contents: "The Cover: A whale breaching--or leaping from the water to roll onto its back--is a sight few landsmen can expect to encounter. Artist Alan E. Cober, a leading American illustrator, depicted the whale on our cover..."Few people even know what a whale looks like," says Cober. "I have rendered the marine life realistically, but the realism is my own."

Performance (May/June 1973)

Arts in Society (Summer/Fall 1973)

Novum Gebrauchs Graphik (February 1978) Cover by Young Su Lee

Novum Gebrauchs Graphik (March 1978) Cover: Wenzel Schmidt

Novum Gebrauchs Graphik (August 1978) cover by: Christian Josef

Novum Gebrauchs Graphik (November 1978) cover by: Kondow Satoshi

Audubon (September 1977)

This is a strange one, the “urban renaissance” issue of this defunct inflight magazine from US Airways.  “Mainliner Magazine” sounds like something for the heroine chic crowd.

Mainliner Magazine (March 1979)

Black American Literature Forum (Fall 1979) Illustration by Chike C. Aniaicor