This blog highlights the Periodicals and Picture Collections at the SVA Library.

Periodicals – With over 350 current subscriptions and over 700 historical runs of both mainstay titles in art, design, film, photography, and fashion, as well as lesser known international, artist run, and fringe titles, the SVA Library periodicals collection represents a rich lattice of support for all of the academic and artistic disciplines offered at SVA.

Picture CollectionA circulating, physical collection of images culled from all manner of print publications spanning more than 100 years, containing over 200,000 images across 1250 subjects, the Picture Collection is a unique resource that provides sweeping visual reference and insight into the history of culture via the medium of print.

  1. hi– am i just not as smart as i think i am, or is there actually no way to access the picture archive online? your wonderful posts have whet my appitite and i want to see, for example, every cover of travel magazine! are you telling me i will have to travel to new york for that to happen??! then it never will! :^(

  2. Unfortunately, not only do have to travel to New York to see the majority of the collection, you have to be a student at the School of Visual Arts to gain access. Thank you for the interest, and I will keep the Travel Magazine covers in mind for future posts.

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