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Back in the Stacks: 1992

Since it feels like summer was decades ago, we took a look at summer decades ago; a sampling of our periodicals. It was hot. Once upon a time.


Open the The New Yorker, what’s the first thing you see? The New Yorker, June 1992.


Rappers in recovery. Alan Light, “L.A. Rappers Speak Out.” Rolling Stone, June 25, 1992.


Still maybe an issue. Mad, June 1992.


Walter De Maria and El Greco in Stockholm’s Moderna Museet, from “All Fives, Sevens, and Nines,” by Lars Nittve. Artforum, Summer 1992.


Mad, June 1992.


Danny Tisdale, Lynching 1930. From “Engendered Species,” by Kobena Mercer. Artforum, Summer 1992


“On the Road to Kassel,” Artforum, Summer 1992.


The hits. Rolling Stone, June 25, 1992.


Novum, June 1992.


More car ads featuring cops. Vanity Fair, June 1992.


Before mixology. Rolling Stone, June 25, 1992.


From an interview with George Condo, by Anney Bonney. Bomb, Summer 1992.


Vogue, June 1992.


Be thankful for lasers. Vogue, June 1992.


Checking up on the crooks. Annie Leibovitz, “Watergate.” Vanity Fair, June 1992.


Before Bill did it. Julia Reed, “Clinton on the Brink.” Vogue, June 1992.


“Documenting Documenta.” Interview, June 1992.


Fashion fish. Vogue, June 1992.


It doesn’t stop. Interview, June 1992.


And no one is pretending. Interview, June 1992.


Religion. Vanity Fair, June 1992.


From John Ashbery’s “Baked Alaska.” The New Yorker, June 29, 1992.

In Today’s Mail — March 21, 2013

The Visual Arts Library has around 400 current periodical subscriptions. Everyday, from all around the world, by way of delivery services private and socialized, at least a few and sometimes a shining heap arrive at 380 2nd Ave..

Following are the covers of two magazines that arrived today. I think are they are sharp.

First, Novum and its World of Graphic Design, a title for which we have holdings dating back to 1950 when it was called Gebrauchsgraphik: International advertising art.

Description taken from page 2 of the magazine:

For the cover of this month’s novum we chose the mold made paper ZERKALL LITHO VI (270 gsm) with 75% cotton.  Further information: Marco Bölling realised the motive in letterpress and iris printing

Novum, April 2013

Novum, April 2013.

Second, we have School Arts, an art education title that we have going back to 1992. The piece is a product of a high school studio lesson designed and delivered by Caroline Nay. The work itself is by Dan Prach. The lesson is fully explained in the magazine, but involves either a botanical or animal subject, and features contour line drawings transferred onto a base painting. Very sharp.

School Arts, April 2013

School Arts, April 2013