Then and Now: Artforum


Vol. 1, n. 1 – current

We were wondering what an art magazine’s evolution might say about about art, magazines, and everything else, so we dug in the stacks and held the first and latest Artforum side by side. At a glance, the contributors look different, the contents have grown into genres, the reviews expanded, the gallery ads reached out, the interviews got sexy, the list suggests a response to conformity, the fights to be made have shifted targets, but through it all, like a real friend, that cover font remains the same.

artforum1 (1)




artforum_18 artforum_12

artforum_20 artforum_9


artforum_7artforum_4 artforum_5 artforum_6



artforum_3artforum_22 artforum_13

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