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Back in the Stacks: 1992

Since it feels like summer was decades ago, we took a look at summer decades ago; a sampling of our periodicals. It was hot. Once upon a time.


Open the The New Yorker, what’s the first thing you see? The New Yorker, June 1992.


Rappers in recovery. Alan Light, “L.A. Rappers Speak Out.” Rolling Stone, June 25, 1992.


Still maybe an issue. Mad, June 1992.


Walter De Maria and El Greco in Stockholm’s Moderna Museet, from “All Fives, Sevens, and Nines,” by Lars Nittve. Artforum, Summer 1992.


Mad, June 1992.


Danny Tisdale, Lynching 1930. From “Engendered Species,” by Kobena Mercer. Artforum, Summer 1992


“On the Road to Kassel,” Artforum, Summer 1992.


The hits. Rolling Stone, June 25, 1992.


Novum, June 1992.


More car ads featuring cops. Vanity Fair, June 1992.


Before mixology. Rolling Stone, June 25, 1992.


From an interview with George Condo, by Anney Bonney. Bomb, Summer 1992.


Vogue, June 1992.


Be thankful for lasers. Vogue, June 1992.


Checking up on the crooks. Annie Leibovitz, “Watergate.” Vanity Fair, June 1992.


Before Bill did it. Julia Reed, “Clinton on the Brink.” Vogue, June 1992.


“Documenting Documenta.” Interview, June 1992.


Fashion fish. Vogue, June 1992.


It doesn’t stop. Interview, June 1992.


And no one is pretending. Interview, June 1992.


Religion. Vanity Fair, June 1992.


From John Ashbery’s “Baked Alaska.” The New Yorker, June 29, 1992.

The Sienese Shredder


The Sienese Shredder
nos 1-4; 2006-2010

The Sienese Shredder #1 has a mango cover with a fox and a clock. Inside, right off the bat, is History and Truth (a commencement address), followed by Gérard de Nerval’s Chantilly (“filled with very old retired servants, walking their limping dogs”), postcard collages by John Ashbery, music by Alan Shockley, the marketing of surrealism, Ron Padgett, Harry Mathews, A Parliament of Refrigerator Magnets, delirious episodes in contemporary art, a poem played out through a lyrical Twister, a Duchampian chess challenge bearing a cupid, Honey’s Metaphoric Energy Transfer, The New Crustacean, and more, ending after over 200 pages with J-K Huysmans, of Against Nature, in Haarlem.

Flip through the next three and find currency collages, mute critics, bughouse poets, Whitman’s glasses, Toilet Rolls, Macintoshages, octopussarian impulses, de Kooning’s last drawing, epitaphs by William Beckford, eyeballs, giant-size mini books, spools by Crumb, and Jesus Christ. These aren’t even the highlights.

Founded and edited by Brice Brown and Trevor Winkfield, The Shredder ran for four issues, 2006-2010. Each issue contained an audio CD. “Contents can include writings by visual artists; art by writers; poets as installation artists; photographers as poets, and the range of contributors moves from the well-known and up-and-coming to the unknown or forgotten,” says the website (which has excerpts and issues for sale).

The complete series is available in our Periodicals archive.



Shirley Jaffe, Paintings (Issue #1)

Shirley Jaffe, Paintings (Issue #1)


Raphael Rubinstein, In Search of the Miraculous: 50 Episodes from the Annals of Contemporary Art (Issue#1)

Raphael Rubinstein, In Search of the Miraculous: 50 Episodes from the Annals of Contemporary Art (Issue#1)


Jane Hammond, Paintings (Issue #1)

Jane Hammond, Paintings (Issue #1)


Ron Morosan, Louis Eilshemius Drawings (Issue #1)

Ron Morosan, Louis Eilshemius Drawings (Issue #1)


John Graham, The Case of Mr. Picasso (Issue #3)

John Graham, The Case of Mr. Picasso (Issue #3)


Larry Rivers, Poems and Drawings from the 1950s (Issue #3)

Larry Rivers, Poems and Drawings from the 1950s (Issue #3)