Holidays – Christmas – Cards

Please enjoy these precious little Christmas cards from the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s. More can be found in ¬†Holidays – Christmas – Cards. Happy Holidays!

Xmas cards054

Design from 1961

Xmas cards052

Xmas cards051

Design from 1976

Xmas cards048

Design from 1973

Xmas cards049

Design from 1966

Xmas cards055

Xmas cards050

Relief design from 1972

Xmas cards053

Xmas cards056

Xmas cards057

Xmas cards058

Xmas cards061

Xmas cards062

Designs from 1958

Xmas cards060

Xmas cards064

Illustration by Hobson Pittman & Madye Lee Chastian

Xmas cards065

Xmas cards063

Top left , “Skating in The Park” by BOSA; below, “Frozen Up” by Currier & Ives

Xmas cards066

Xmas cards067

Xmas cards068

Xmas cards069

Happy Holidays!


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