1. hi there
    i have two magazines of harpers baazar i bough many years ago in USA. They are the 1889 christmas and 1890 easter….both amazing if a little worn.
    can you let me know anything about them, what i should insure them for etc

  2. Cordelia:

    They sound swell, but I am a librarian, not an appraiser or a collector (not in the sense that I cultivate a collection based on its monetary worth). I think for a couple of issues, though, you could get a rough idea of their worth by poking around Best of luck!

  3. maria da conceicao costa cabral

    I have several issues of “la Science et la vie “covered from 1925,1926,1927. also catalogues from sotheby┬┤s preview from 1986 to 2002.
    also 2 covered of “La photo pour tous” 1925-1926
    Would u be interested?

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