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Magazine Covers – 1980-1989 – Part 1 (“Mainstream Magazines”)

From 1982 we have”the world’s only consumer magazine about beer:” BEER. This is the Beauty (Barbara Eden with her shirt apparently completely unbuttoned) and the beer (that thing pictured in the upper right corner which Barbara made materialize) issue.

Beer 1982 December

The Mob moves in on Wayne Newton. Beverly Hills Diet: Can it kill you? Brazil gags Baez. And the fairy tale wedding (sans the longevity of ever after or happiness).

People 1981 August 3

Dick and Judy Blinn demonstrating what 1980 money looks like:

Money 1980 October. Oh, yeah, hhhott investments.

Some standard 1980 props from Time:

Time 1981 May 4

Time 1983 April 11.

Geo was a great magazine. We have a number of issues in our periodicals from 1979-1985. It was sort of like a more artsy National Geographic, but it is sadly no more.

Geo 1980 July

Next we have a selection of Atlantic magazines, many of which, at least in content and posturing, seem like they could have been published this year.

Atlantic 1987 August. Illustration by (graphic designer, illustrator, and type designer extraordinaire) Seymour Chwast.

Atlantic 1989 April. Illustration: Fred Otnes

Atlantic 1989 February.

Atlantic 1989 June. Illustration by Nicholas Gaetano.

Atlantic 1989 May. Illustration by Robert Grossman. 2012: Just switch China for Japan and Fu Manchu (or other such Chinese stereotype) for the sumo wrestler.

A selection of Omni magazine seems a fitting way to stagger your imagination, blow your mind, and be done with the mainstream 1980’s. Much like the 1980’s itself, and especially the end of the 80’s, which like the end of any decade tries too hard to descend and ascend and define, the graphics presented here are just a little too awkward and conceptually far-reaching for even 20+ of nostalgic inducing passing time to render endearing. But what do I know?

Omni 1988 November.

Omni 1989 April. Yes, CREATIVITY run amok.

Omni 1989 August

Omni 1989 February

Omni 1989 March

Omni 1989 September

Omni 1989 June

Omni 1989 November. Dreams. Wild Ones.

Omni 1989 October