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Magazine Covers — 1920-1929

We continue our delve into our deep folders of Magazine Covers. It is ever so hard to pick just a few to show you from each decade, but I hope this sampling entices you to come in and see more in person. Please enjoy these richly illustrated gems!

La Science et la Vie started in 1913 and persists to this day (but is now just called Science & Vie). We have dozens of these—all richly printed with illustrations depicting all the wonderful possibilities of industry, technology, and all things grand through science! 

Illustrirte Zeitung was apparently Germany’s first illustrated magazine, published by J.J. Weber in Leipzig in 1843. As we learned from Steven Heller concerning “Das Plakat, Germany had a leg up on graphic design in the early 20th Century. You can also learn a bit more about Illustrirte Zeitung here.

Learn More about The Mentor.

We have several covers of Nature Magazine from the 1920’s. Vintage wildlife motifs, inspired by covers like these, have been very popular in home design for a number of years now, like in the work of John Derian.

I took this information from an auction website:

Shadowland, a magazine published in the late 1910s and 1920s, which billed itself as “Expressing the Arts”, and “The Magazine of Magazines”. Each issue had a variety of articles about various aspects of the arts, and each issue had at least one story dealing with movies. The articles were heavily illustrated with quality sepia photos by named photographers (who are credited next to the photos), and the entire magazine has a feel similar to that of “The New Yorker”, except of course that it solely focuses on the arts, and has many illustrations throughout. There are a few interior color pages in each issue and a few ads scattered through each issue. The magazine was published by the same people who published Motion Picture magazine. ( accessed 4/26/2011).

And lastly, Travel magazine, another title we have dozens of examples of from multiple decades. The printing color is exuberantly rich. Come to the Picture Collection and see more!