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Garage Magazine

Garage Magazine started in 2011 and, as of this post, has published two issues. The Visual Art Library has both of them. Like Hirst’s  The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living, Garage Magazine has a very superlative feeling about it; lethal and mysterious like an illegal arms deal, unfathomably rich and well connected, beautiful and razor sharp like a Russian model. Dasha Zhukova, from page 1, issue 1:

Harry the Hare Wears Coat and Top Hat by Jil Sander.
Frederick the Fox Wears Hat, top Hat, and Shoes by Prada. Bouquet by Missoni.
Waldorf the Wolf Wears Coat by Prada. Headpiece by Ballenciaga.
Sigmund the Seal Wears Hat by Prada. Jacket and Shirt by Marc Jacobs.
Terry the Trout wears Stripped Jacket by Louis Vuitton.
Ollie the Octopus inspired by Adriana Varejão.
Deirdre the Duck wears coat by Louis Vuitton.
Carisa the cat wears hat by Balenciaga. Jacket by Prada.
Mabel the Mouse wears hat and coat by Burberry. Die inspired by Prada.
Sally the Stork’s bundle inspired by Clare Rojas.
Sandcastles inspired by Adriana Varejão.
Orchards inspired by Mat Collishaw.
Pumpkin inspired by Yayoi Kusama.
Meadow Flowers inspired by Stella McCartney.

It really is a great magazine. Much of the content, or projects, is fashion leaning fine arts or fine art leaning fashion, and mostly too wonderful to be pigeonholed  so clunkily. The actual product is impressive and lushly published, as evidenced by these Clare Rojas Patterns (4 of 12 included in issue #2 of the magazine):

Clare Rojas Patterns
Left: Black Line Harmony
Right: Red Hex

Clare Rojas Patterns
Left: Red Lightning
Right: Women

From a series called Draw Queens (credits to follow):

The magazine has humor a plenty as well, such as this series that appears in both issues, in which Derek Blasberg publishes some of his personal e-mails

From page 230 of issue #2:

From a series called Greeting from Carnyville edited by Giovanna Battaglia, starring Eugenie Niarchos, and photography by Sofia Sanchez and Mauro Mongiello:

And lastly, from Issue 1: