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Magazine Covers — 1920-1929 (Part 2: Garten Schönheit)

This is a quick delve back into the 1920’s before I trundle into the 1940’s. It’s a perfect spring day in New York City, and so I feel compelled to share some of the Picture Collection’s loveliest pieces. We have all 12 months of Garten Schönheit from 1922. Each cover of this monthly magazine features a fantastic floral themed, late Art Nouveau illustration. Also, notice how from month to month, and season to season, the illustration behind the title changes, beginning with a brown root system in January, and progressing through color and leaf, flower and fruit. Enjoy.


Magazine Covers–Pre-1920–Part 2 (Das Plakat)

Das Plakat, a German magazine, began in 1910 as an extension of Verein der Plakat Freunde (The Society for Friends of the Poster). Everything I know about Das Plakat I learned from an article by SVA’s own Steven Heller that he wrote for Read it now, and become illuminated!

We only have one proper cover of Das Plakat (Plakat means poster), a striking gold-metallic number from May 1914. The issue was devoted to European poster stamps.

The other items we have are not magazine covers, rather they are interior pages from various issues 1913-1915 (though I have decided they should live in the Magazine Covers folder so users can consider them together). Examples follow:

The next two pages feature works by Austrian painter, draftsman, illustrator, commercial graphic artist, typographer and writer Julius Klinger:

Julius Klinger in our book stacks:

Database: Visual Arts Library
Location: Main Stacks
Call Number: NK1550 .K5513 1985
Number of Items: 1
Status: Available
There are

Next is a poster advertising a Schützenfest (target shooting party) by Richard Schaupp:

And lastly the title page from the January 05, 1914 edition:


The tag-line of this blog is “A tiny window into 637 Periodical Titles & 200,000+ images divided into 910 Picture Subjects.” 95 of those subjects have the parent subject Advertising. There are 16 subcategories of Advertising (Beer, Cigarettes, Cosmetics & Grooming, Drugs & Medicine, Fashion, Finance, etc.). Those subcategories are then divided chronologically, for the most part into decades. This arrangement allows users to see how illustration (or the lack of it), graphic design, copy, and advertising strategies have evolved over time.

Advertising–Tourism, which has nearly 1000 items, is divided thus: 1890-1919, 1920-1929, 1930-1939, 1940-1949, 1950-1959, 1960-1969, 1970-1979, 1980-1989, 1990-1999, 2000-2009, and soon 2010-2019. A generous sampling follows.

October 1904

From Travel Magazine, November 1926

From Travel Magazine, December 1926


By Horace Taylor, From The Artist, June 1933

1949. 62 Years later, the Florida Vacation persists.

1950. This is a whole pamphlet published by the Pan American Union.


National Geographic, June 1968

Smithsonian, October 1972



Culture & Travel, July/August 2008

The National Grid: Not the Utility

National Grid is a peripheral publication for graphic design; a provincial publication for graphic design; a paranoid publication for graphic design; a frail barricade for graphic design; a colonial outpost for graphic design; a maintenance manual for graphic design, respectively.

It’s also a graphic design magazine that focuses a good deal on the tangible history of music, the beautiful paraphernalia of promotion and distribution, such as in an interview with musician and tape only producer Dylan T. “Phats” Herkes in issue #1:

And this collaboration between Thurston Moore and Tom Surgal, with design by Thurston utilizing a graphic score by Cornelius Cardew (from issue #2):

And just because I can’t help it, album covers for Pork Dukes and The Jerks from issue #5:

Beyond the reprinting of wonderful graphic artifacts, there is a good deal of critical protein between the pages. I suggest you read them all; current issue on display, back issues in the crank-o-matic back stacks. For more information on the National Grid, and other “peripheral” graphic design publications, such as Zed and Dot Dot Dot (both of which we have) consult the article “Designing Graphic Design History” in the Journal of Design History, vol. 22, no. 4, pp. 325-340, Dec 2009, also in the back stacks of our periodical stacks.