Umbrella’s Art Crimes

cover 12.01

1983-2005 (incomplete)

Librarian Judith Hoffberg created Umbrella in 1978 as “a means of intercommunication for art historians, artists, librarians and anyone else who is interested” in “news and information relative to a part of art history that usually never gets discussed in the mainstream.” This meant artist books and mail art, mostly, but the journal’s blue and black pages were open to more.

back 12.90

Eric Drooker, L, December 1990

In the listings section of each issue is the heading Lost and Found, under which went news briefs related to artistic heists and recoveries. Below is a sampling of the reach of art’s underworld.

lf 10.83

October 1983

lf 12.90

December 1990

lf 12.98

December 1998

8.04 lf

August 2004

12.05 lf

December 2005

Umbrella ran in print to 2005 and then online until 2008. Hoffberg passed away in 2009.

Find our incomplete collection (30+ issues) of the irregular journal in Periodicals.

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