Lucky Peach


Lucky Peach is the product of superstar chef David Chang (Momofuku), the writer Peter Meehan, and editor Chris Ying (Anthony Bourdain is also listed as a contributor). This whimsically illustrated and humorously annotated  magazine should be a staple for food enthusiasts. Each issue has a running food-related theme featuring recipes, interviews, reviews and the occasional science lesson (the microbiology of miso? my guts feel better already). The artwork is not to go understated though- the graphic design, photography and especially the illustration really push this journal over the top.

Lucky Peach is published by McSweeney’s (the people that bring you The Believer and the namesake Timothy McSweeney’s Quarterly Concern), which has been evident in the first 8 issues with the quality and mood of the illustration. But with this 9th edition, the McSweeney’s stamp also shows up in the innovative printing design. This issue came with a supplement called Guts that you had to perform an operation to remove:

In Stitches

unstitched half way out


Guts Front Cover

The outside of the pouch and front cover is by Celeste Byres.

Inside Guts:

Pictured below is Dario Cecchini “vivisecting a pig while reciting Dante” (from the editors note by Chris Ying).

inside guts

Illustration below by Kelsey Short.

inside guts 2 (illustration)

On the back cover of issue n. 9 of Lucky Peach  is Domenico DeMarco of Di Fara Pizza in Midwood, Brooklyn (a pizzeria in my personal top 2) (photo by Gabriele Stabile) from an article called “The Specialists” about individuals that do one thing perfectly.

9 (back cover, Di Fara Pizza, Domenico DeMarco)

Our collection begins with n. 2. Below are a few highlights from the back issue. Dig in.


Issue number 2 (above) is all about “The Sweet Spot”- Striving for culinary perfection and efficiency.


Number 3 is “The Cooks and Chefs” issue. It explores the ‘celebrity chef’, the stay-at-home chef and all other walks of food-cooking-folk.


Issue 3, illustrated by Tony Millionaire

Know what your eating on a microscopic level.


Issue 3

A brief history of cake.


Issue 2, drawings by Celeste Byers

Some bonus illustrations of things you don’t want to find in the back of your fridge.


Issue 2


issue 2, illustrated by Jing Wei

Miso hungry.

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