In Today’s Mail — March 26, 2013

The Visual Arts Library is missing Afterall no. 2. Could anybody out there fill such a void? Otherwise, we have every issue published starting with no. 1 in 1999, and ending, as of this post, with no. 32 (Spring 2013) which arrived in today’s mail.

Afterall, Spring 2013 (Cover)

Afterall, Spring 2013 (Cover)

Smoke Knows by Pae White

That is some exceedingly dreamy cotton and polyester.

From the inside cover:

Afterall, Spring 2013 (About Afterall)

These large editorial meetings create the context (as mentioned in the subtitle: “A Journal of Art, Context and Enquiry”) and help define the lanes of enquiry that end up shaping the content of each issue. The writing is highly informed and critically potent while still maintaining a relatively high level of accessibly.

It is text heavy, but also includes nice reproductions of the work it references:

Poem by Saloua Raouda. 1963-5, wood, 33x17x7.5 cm.

Poem by Saloua Raouda. 1963-5, wood, 33x17x7.5 cm.

May your work and curiosities bring you into further contact with this publication.

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