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Nestled gently between SIGNS & BILLBOARDS and SMALL TOWN AMERICA in our Picture Collection, SKELETONS boast about 100 items and is a good place to stop by for¬†skeletal anatomy references, to contemplate your own mortality, or to find inspiration for the Scandinavian Black Metal album cover you’ve been hired to create.

See: True Norwegian black metal : we turn in the night consumed by fire in our book stacks.

A small sampling of our calcium-loving, rigid organs:

I have neither credits nor a context for this.

National Geographic, Vol. 202, no. 2 (August 2002). This skull was found in the republic of Georgia and is 1.75 million years old.

Three Skulls by Candace Dicarlo. From Black & White Magazine, no. 52 (August 2007).

This is either a diagram of an "I can't believe I'm alive" story, or a diagram of how this guy got to be real dead.

Military Histroy Quarterly, vol. 2, no. 1. Disorderly mass grave.

Gracilization. I love this word.

The Three Skulls by Paul Cezanne. Canvas. 34.9 cm x 61 cm. This is a black and white Photo of a color version.

You can find a nice high resolution version of it on ARTstor.

A black and white detail of Hans Holbein's The Ambassadors. This anamorphic perspective skull is prominently hidden in the painting.

Date 1533
Medium Oil on oak
Dimensions Length: 209.5 cm (82.5 in). Height: 207 cm (81.5 in).