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You may be inclined to disregard The Picture Collection’s Colors folder (pictures of colors?)  but if you take the time to delve, you will find a resource that could be of great help to artists seeking inspiration and reference, as well as aid in color theory and color composition.  Inside this 79-image folder you will not only find paint swabs and color charts, but also images that show the relation of color through photography, advertisements, and commercial sales.  This folder can help an artist choose their pallet for a project. Users can scan hues that they are interested in utilizing and drop them in Photoshop for replication, or color copy selections and concoct a collage physically. A great help for advertising and graphic design students–or really anyone interested in…color…the Colors folder is worth checking out.





Winsor & Newton Ltd.


Dr. Ph. Martin’s Sychromayic Transparent Water Colors


ICI Binding Corporation


House and Garden, July 2000.


‘Vision by Touch’. LIFE Magazine, July 12th, 1964.


Pittsburgh Paints Catalog


Pittsburgh Paints Catalog


Not Ideas About Things But The Thing Itself

At the earliest ending of winter,
In March, a scrawny cry from outside
Seemed like a sound in his mind.

He knew that he heard it,
A bird’s cry, at daylight or before,
In the early March wind.

The sun was rising at six,
No longer a battered panache above snow…
It would have been outside.

It was not from the vast ventriloquism
Of sleep’s faded papier-mache…
The sun was coming from the outside.

That scrawny cry–It was
A chorister whose c preceded the choir.
It was part of the colossal sun,

Surrounded by its choral rings,
Still far away. It was like
A new knowledge of reality.

–Wallace Stevens

A subcategory of FABRICS & SEWING, FABRIC SAMPLES is unique to its 909 other cousin subjects in this Picture Collection family. Why? Because these are not visual representations of fabric samples, they are fabric samples. Now, that doesn’t mean that through photocopying, scanning, or rendering their likeness with your hand that you cannot transform these textured colors and colored patterns into pictures, or otherwise appropriate their likeness for your own creative ends. In fact, this is all just an invitation to do just that. Examples and examples follow:

Incidentally, you can find the above, and many other Wallace Stevens poems, in your library:

Location: Main Stacks
Call Number: PS3537.T4753 A6 1997