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New Titles on Display


We’ve just completed our annual display shift to include fourteen new titles on our main shelf. Some are brand new subscriptions, and others are longstanding subscriptions onto which we wanted to shine a little light ; back-runs, as always, can be found in our back-stacks.


At-Edge Microview, Volume 40

” At-Edge is a continuing series of publications that connects top-echelon assignment photographers with the world’s most active and influential art directors.”


Advanced Photoshop, issue 111

This is the magazine guide to Adobe Photoshop. Its a great resource for professional and not-so-pro users; it includes step-by-step tutorials from industry professionals, tips and techniques as well as regular contests and promotions.


The Burlington Magazine, n. 1325, v.CLV, August 2013

The Burlington Magazine devotes itself to the review and commentary of all decorative and fine arts. The magazine is edited by esteemed art critics and scholars and also has an extensive online index.


Ding, issue 1

German for “thing”, DING is the bilingual companion publication to Form magazine (also in our main display). This is the first issue and it aims to explore the more intimate relationships between people and the objects in their lives. It is broken into five sections, each dedicated to one object: “a favorite thing, a memory thing, an in-between thing, an ego thing, and an outrageous thing.”


Foam, issue 35

“Foam Magazine is an award-winning, international photography magazine. Published quarterly around a unique theme, Foam Magazine contains eight portfolios each printed on different specialty paper, numerous interviews, and a diverse selection of photobook reviews. The magazine is a platform for every aspect of photography from documentary to fashion, from contemporary to historical, and from world famous photographers to young talents.”


History of Photography, v. 37, n. 2

History of Photography is  focused on all forms of photography, its history, theory and practice world-wide. Updated quarterly.


Illustrators, issue 1

illustrators is the art periodical devoted to the finest illustration art ever published. It guides you through the stories behind the artists and their art, with features written by some of the leading authorities on this vital art form. As well as building into an indispensable reference library, illustrators gives readers an insight into the creative process, from idea to preliminary sketch to painting, and from painting to the final image seen by millions.”


Little White Lies, n. 44

“LWLies is a bi-monthly, independent movie magazine that features cutting edge writing, illustration and photography to get under the skin of cinema.Because movies don’t exist in a vacuum, we venture beyond the boundaries of the big screen, exploring the worlds of music, art, politics and pop culture to inform and illuminate the medium we love.Bold, beautiful and unique, LWLies is a magazine on a mission – to reshape the debate across the movie landscape.”


Loupe, v. 3, n. 3, June 2013

A Journal of Photography from the Photographic Resource Center at Boston University, Loupe is a close investigation of 21st century photography. It includes interviews and portfolios of both established and emerging artists.


Millennium Film Journal, n. 57, Spring 2013

“The oldest journal of avant-garde film and media art on planet earth.” MFJ comments on film as a purely artistic, non-commercial medium.


Turps Banana, issue 13

Turps Banana is a magazine about painters, made by painters. It features extensive artist interviews in its aim to establish a dialogue about painting rather than criticisms.


Environmental Graphics Magazine

Formerly titled SEGD magazine, this is a publication from the Society for Environmental Graphic Design. It’s a multidisciplinary collection of public art, projects, and innovations, exploring architecture, signage and installations and their impact on the world and its environment.


Lucky Peach, issue 2

LUCKY PEACH is a quarterly journal of food and writing. Each issue focuses on a single theme, and explores that theme through essays, art, photography, and recipes.

Unfortunately we also had to remove some of the less frequently updated and out of print titles to make room for the new display, but you can still find them in the back stacks.


Central Booking

Design Mind


Fiber Arts

Giant Robot



Ready Made

SEGD Design

Shonen Jump