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The Visual Arts Library Picture Collection Presents…

another installment of “Let the Pictures Tell You.”

Now that you look your best, it’s time to feel your best. It’s time to get glad,  and so it’s apt that we turn to the picture subject “Humor.”

[Please note the quotations–before I added the quotes I could not bring myself to add anything to the folder, I would just imagine some smartypants going through the folder and snidely remarking, “oh yeah, this is real funny.” But with the quotes I freed myself from the constraints of judging something humorous. When adding an image I am simply recognizing that someone else thought that it was funny.]

Also featured: Dance and Sports–Exercise & Fitness.

Start your day with some Mysore-style Ashtanga Yoga (in Mysore, India, if possible).

If gladness remains elusive, and you feel like your world is deteriorating around you, you can  at least still dress the part.

And this, absolute gladness.

Next up, wealth.

The Visual Arts Library Picture Collection Presents…

“Let the Pictures Tell You:” unsolicited advice from static images; our wonderful Picture Collection!

The picture collection helps us achieve three of the greatest human desires: Beauty, Happiness, and Wealth.

Today, from Sports–Exercise & Fitness and Advertising–Early 1900’s, how to look your best:

Remember, you can always do two things at once.

Achieve perfect health through the mail and watch how your handlebar mustache and your biceps develop an infatuation for each other.

And, for all you ladies,  keep up with the ever evolving shape of the ideal body.

Next time, the picture collection will demonstrate how to wake up each morning just as glad as can be.