The Visual Arts Library recently added 9 issues of Lid Magazine.

Published by Jason Banker and Dagon James, Lid is a  sumptuous black and white photography magazine that features mostly unpublished shots of mostly famous personalities. Or, as Lid has it on its about page:

“Lid Features some of the finest rare and unpublished photographs and art from the world of music, fashion, the fine arts and cinema. Artists the world over open their archives to Lid, offering extensive portfolios not seen in other magazines. Each bi-annual issues of Lid is published in all black and white, on premium paper, and printed as a limited edition for serious collectors and archivists.”

Below are all nine covers of our Lid serious library holdings along with the contents (personalities and photographers/artists) from each, and a very small sampling between the covers. I highly recommend your coming in and seeing more–they do indeed offer scores of intimate and radioactively cool photos and these scans do not do them justice.

(L) Issue #3 : Interpol by Christy Bush(cover),  Debbie Harry by David Croland, David Bowie by Leee Black Childers, Iggy Pop by Gerard Malanga, with additional contributions by Stephanie Chernikowski, Jon Levicke, Benita Cassar Torreggiani, and Sam Fogarino

(R) Issue #7: Lou Reed by Dustin Pittman (cover), Kate Moss by Michel Haddi, Veruschka by Franco Rubartelli, Lady Bunny by David Croland, with additional contributions by David Wills, Peter & Alice Gowland, Michael Zagaris, Brigid Berlin, Adam Peters, and Tim Sheaffer

David Bowie in Russia from April 1973. From Issue 3. Photo by Leee Black Childers.

(L) Issue #6: Linda Evangelista by Rose Hartman (cover), Andy Warhol by Steve Schapiro, Barbra Streisand by Steve Schapiro, Maja of The Sounds by James Iha, with additional contributions by Dustin Pittman, Tim Sheaffer, Michael Zagaris, Adam Peters, and Sebastian Piras

(R) #8: Brigid Berlin by Brigid Berlin (cover), Michelle Obama by Timothy Greenfield-Sanders, Madona by Marina Schiano, Michael Stipe by Jörg Steinmetz, with additional contributions by Gerard Malanga, Erik La Prade, Mauricio & Roger Padilha, Marisa Benson, Michel Haddi, Francois Nars, Ross Clifford, Michael Zagaris, Andrea Splisgar, Dustin Pittman, Adam Peters, and Tim Sheaffer

Robert Rauschenberg by Sebastian Piras. Issue 6.

(L) #12: Elizabeth Taylor (cover), Liv Tyler by David Croland, John Lennon by Jürgern Vollmer, with additional contributions by Dave Brolan, Melissa Gosnell, Bruce Lawrence, Gerard Malanga, Corinne Masucci, Billy Name, Adam Peters, Wolf Suschitzky, Klaus Voormann, David Wills, and Michale Zagaris

(R) #13 George Harrison (cover © Harrison family), Marisa Berenson by Gina Paola, George Harrison by Harry Goodwin, Grace Jones by Kate Simon with additional contributions by Marisa Berenson, Ginette Bone, Blake Boyd, Dave Brolan, Andrew Brucker, Barry Feinstein, Ross Halfin, Olivia Harrison, Gerard Malanga, Daido Moriyama, Billy Name, David Wills, and Baron Wolman

Aldous Huxley, London, 1958. By Wolf Suschitzky. Issue 12.


(L) #11: Andy Warhol by Gretchen Berg (cover), with additional contributions by Dave Brolan, Curtis Knapp, Kymara Lonergan, Gerard Malanga, Daido Moriyama, Billy Name, Jimmy Page, Adam Peters, Kate Simon, David Wills, and Michael Zagaris

(R) #14: Kurt Cobain by Jesse Frohman (cover), with additional contributions by Dave Brolan, Adam Cooper, Megan Cump, Beth Rudin DeWoody, Ross Halfin, Gerard Malanga, Gered Mankowitz, Gillian McCain, Billy Name, Dan Oppenheimer, Adam Peters, Baron Wolman, Michael Zagaris, and Firooz Zahedi

#9: Madonna by Kate Simon (cover), Marilyn Monroe by Frank Powolny, with additional contributions by Gerard Malanga,  Billy Name, David Wills, Dustin Pittman, Michael Zagaris, Kate Simon, Brigid Berlin, Hamish Bowles, Adam Peters, Klaus Voormann, Christina Voormann, Benedetta Pignatelli, and Marcus Leatherdale

Marilyn Monroe on her last earthly birthday, June 1, 1962. From a 42 page portfolio curated by David Wills. Issue 9.

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